Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (known as the “gentle art”) is a Martial Art that focuses on ground fighting techniques. It is a Self Defense art, an internationally contested sport and a fun and unique form
of exercize.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu utilizes the principles of leverage to allow a smaller weaker person to defend themselves against a much larger opponent.

Our mission at The Submission Academy is to provide a safe, positive atmosphere that encourages students to set,
meet and exceed personal goals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Our Kids BJJ program is fast paced!  It is designed to teach Self Defense and Sport Jiu Jitsu, while instilling a strong work ethic and self discipline.
We strive to provide the most positive learning environment possible!

 Our kids competition team is stacked full of young, rising stars!!!  Is your child a future World Champion!?

Here are two of our best in action!

The Best Kid's Martial Arts Team in London, Ontario!
Black Belt instruction.

Adult BJJ Classes running 7 days a week!!
Day, Evening and Weekend classes available.
 116 Adult classes monthly!!!!

Head Instructor Steven Poulin is a Black Belt under Robert Drysdale.

Come and be a part of London Ontario's Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team!